Participant Information and Consent Form

The VicHip Participant Information and Consent Form (PICF) is a document that outlines the purpose of VicHip and explains what is involved in taking part.

Read the complete VicHip Participant Information and Consent Form – Parent (English)


Join our study! Help us learn more about hip dysplasia.

If your child has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia in Victoria, and your doctor or clinician works at a participating hospital or practice, we invite you to consider joining our registry and sharing information about your child's health and care with us.

A VicHip team member may contact you in person or by phone after your child’s clinic appointment or hospital visit. We will explain VicHip, what is involved in taking part, and answer any questions you have.

If you decide to take part in VicHip, it is important to read and understand the PICF. A member of the VicHip team will review this information with you and ask you to sign the consent section. You will get a copy to keep. Your consent covers you and your child.

Participation in VicHip is entirely voluntary. This means you only join our registry if you want to. You can leave anytime. Your doctor will continue to care for you as usual.

Your or your child’s health records and any information obtained during a research project are subject to inspection to verify procedures and data. This review may be done by the relevant authorities and authorised representatives of MCRI, the RCH Human Research Ethics Committee and the institution relevant to the Participant Information Consent Form or as required by law. By signing the PICF, you authorise the release of, or access to, this confidential information to the relevant research personnel and regulatory authorities as noted above.

Read the complete VicHip Participant Information and Consent Form – Parent (English)

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 If you have any questions or feedback, or would like to speak to someone about joining VicHip, please contact us


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